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Get an Electrical panel that can keep up with your needs

hire use for your electrical repairs and upgrades in southwest Virginia!

Your home isn't getting the power it needs?  Get in touch with Murray & Sons Electrical today!!   We're amped to assist you with commercial, residential and industrial electrical repairs of all types in the Southwest Virginia.  Whether you need electrical panel upgrade or a new electrical feature installation you can rely on Murray & Sons Electrical Electricians to do the job right!

For more details about our commercial electrical installation services, call us now at 540-268-3539.

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update your home or office

Murray & Sons Electrical offers a range electrical repair and panel upgrade services ​in the Southwest Virginia Area.  Murray & Sons Electrical will make sure you get the power you need for a a price that fits your budget.  Call us today to .....

  • Upgrade your amperage to 200+ upgrade.

  • Convert two prong outlets to three prong outlets.

  • Upgrade your fuse boxes to breakers.

  • Fix downed power lines near your home or office.

  • Upgrade your fuse boxes to breakers.

  • Fix downed power to your building.

  • Add plugs to accommodate portable generators.

We also offer regular maintenance to make sure your electrical devices are always working as they should.  CONTACT US today to sign up for quarterly maintenance. 

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